1. Does EBuild do ...
    1. Continuous Integration?
    2. Parallelised Building
  2. How does EBuild compare to ...?
  3. Is EBuild Java Only?
  4. Where can I download EBuild?
  5. Why the name Ebuild?

Does EBuild do ...

Continuous Integration?

No CI is not part of its functionality. However Of course it can be integrated with a separate CI products.

Parallelised Building

No this is not currently a feature. All steps in an ebuild build plan are executed in serial.

How does EBuild compare to ...?

See Comparisons

Is EBuild Java Only?

The short answer is No. The EBuild build model is general. Plugins need to be written in a JVM compatible language, and existing plugins all deal with the java ecosystem.

The longer answer is that in reality any software developed predominately in a particular language will tend to use a build system from that language. EBuild is most suitable for Java and mixed technology software projects.

Where can I download EBuild?

EBuild is not downloaded as such manually. Rather the best practice is to store a seed directory in source control. See the Manual or GettingStarted tutorial for more explanation of this.

Why the name Ebuild?

The 'e' in ebuild probably stands for Emanate, which was the project whose build requirements resulted in ebuild. It could also stand for eclipse because ebuild interoperates well with eclipse (i.e. with a flat workspace, when possible).