These tables are intended to give a quick overview of what environments are supported. Plugins for smaller bits of functionality (e.g. compiler generators, shrinkers ... etc.) exist but do not featured here.


Extending Support

EBuild is a powerful build system, but cannot support every possible technology. Sometimes to get the best results you need to get your hands dirty.

Adding support for other technologies can be quite straight forward, provided there is good library support/a straightforward way of running them from within a Java plugin.

Language build support is straightforwards, the plugin simply needs to interface with the builder. IDE support may depend on the IDE and how it organises its files. For harmonious integration with eclipse (and because a flat hierarchy is the best way to organise projects) EBuild uses a flat workspace. Other configurations could be supported in future.

Source Repository Providers are straight for add, but currently need to added to the EBuild platform. The reason for this is that EBuild infers which source management it is dealing with and downloads the appropriate plugin accordingly.


EBuild should run on all systems with a recent version of java.

''IDE Integration here means that the appropriate configuration files can be generated from the EBuild configuration. ''